Marking a technician as unavailable for job allocation

Are Booking Technicians when on leave a problem for you

How many times have you booked a job and assigned a Technician but not checked the Leave calendar?

Hopefully, you picked up the mistake before it impacted the customer, but if you didn’t I bet the Customer was the one who rang you and said where is the Technician as per the agreed time/date!

This is a common problem if you are using manual or disconnected leave management protocols with your job scheduling / management.

Wouldn’t it be nice that you could manage leave and that automatically linked with your job schedule so you could never again book a Technician when they weren’t available.

Check our our quick How To video on how easy it is to flag availability for a Technician in our Job Management software.

And on the flip side, being able to easily see who is available NOW for those urgent jobs based on availability is critical to making timely decisions on where to allocate technicians.  This is powerful for mechanical service teams who have projects running where technicians can be allocated at a moments notice.

Check out how we do it in the above short video.

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