An affordable business coaching program I think hits all the nails on the head

Hi Business Owners

Getting a business profitable, keeping it profitable, and ensuring you are ahead from a profit & loss point of view, before, during project and after delivery is painfully hard, with game ending challenges all over the place.

I have spent years researching and looking for the best people and programs to help my business and our customer’s businesses really excel and achieve their potential.

One of the programs I have been extremely impressed in has been Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year. It is thorough, based on science and proven.

He is very structured in his approach, and has a deep understanding of our human psychology that he realises 80% of the battle is in our heads. So his program blends a really intelligent mix of human psychology and process delivery tools and systems, that dramatically improve the chance of success, and the likelihood of growth in your business.

He has had his program on hold for the last 6 months, and that has been really frustrating as I know many people will benefit from it. I follow many of Todd Herman’s systems via a program with a software focus. For running field service businesses Todd is in my mind, outstanding and insanely good value for money, I think he could charge 10x what he charges and still be excellent value. (please don’t)

I highly recommend you have a look at his program.



Link’s don’t work above, this is just a screen shot from Todd’s page – Go here to go to the ENROLL NOW link.

I get no money from Todd, I have never spoken to him, I have just researched as many coaching programs I can find and this is the best. And has opened up today. 12 June 2018.

The price is $199.00 US I think or maybe Canadian not sure.

Todd is based in Canada I don’t know where his Coaches are from.

This may sound spammy, I am sorry, but I would not recommend this if I didn’t believe strongly that it will make a real difference to the way you approach business.

If you struggle with systemising and wrapping processes around your business and find getting your key planning processes up and running difficult, this is the system to follow.

Todd coaches Olympic athletes, and New York based Hedge fund managers worth billions of dollars, he has spent countless years following an evidence based approach to his coaching systems, and I have tested many of them. And they work hands down, no ambiguity.

I follow Todd’s systems, but through a different business coach focused more on software companies like mine, and costs are higher.

I would love any thoughts you have on this program or me providing recommendations like this. 🙂 ping me at paul @


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FieldInsight (aka Scheduleflow) 🙂