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3 Problems Job Management Software Solves for HVAC Companies

There are a lot of plates that need to spin in a busy HVAC company.  Start with… scheduling, customer bookings, service bookings, inventory/part ordering/management, quoting, invoicing…..those are just the items that keep the money coming in (or going out)….

…not to forget payroll, HR, compliance …. tiring and you haven’t even thought about Sales and Marketing to propel your business forward.

We believe there are at least 3 in the above list that are critical to master as these will help you gain time to deal with the others!

What are the Three ….

  1. Optimised Scheduling
  2. Job management (checklists)
  3. Invoicing

Optimised Scheduling

You know when you’ve got to get organized and schedule your team and you’ve been using white board and diary and you’re on the phone, you’re SMS’ing, you’re emailing people all the time just trying to get everyone on the same page, and a customer rings up and says, “Where’s Bob?” And you go, “Bob should have been there.” And Bob’s going, “No, no, no. I had a job over here. I’m still working on that.”

That perfect process you had for scheduling really isnt doing you any favours right now….Everyone’s everywhere, you have no capacity in the team and every day is just a rat race.

It’s painful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was on the same page? Everyone instantly knew what was going on. If something changed, if there was a problem, something ran over, you needed parts on a job, that everyone knew what was going on, the office and the guys in the field. 

You could reduce:

  • the amount of back/forth phone calls for ‘where is my next job’ between office and team
  • calling to see who is free right now as an urgent call just came in and you have no idea where some of your team are or when they will finish their current assignment

Job Management / Checklists

Wouldn’t it be awesome? You know when you get to the end of the week, and you go “all right guys, surely you’ve been doing your JSAs, your job safety assessments, every morning before you start your job. For sure you’ve been doing it. So how many of you have been doing it? Hands up?”.

Silence. Not a hand has risen. No one has done their JSAs.

If something goes wrong, insurance doesn’t pay. It costs more. It’s a nightmare. You as the Business owner is bent over backwards.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every single job ever done, which was flagged as completed, was actually completely completed (as per expectations):

  • It means the JSA was done.
  • If you wanted to take photos, that was done.
  • If your guys wanted to clean up, they’ve at least thought about yeah, I’ve cleaned up.
  • They’ve worn their protective equipment before they’ve checked in for the job.
  • That they have captured all the parts and hours (labour) completed on the job (timesheet)
  • That the invoice was marked up and ready for approval

Wouldn’t it be nice if the end of the week, you ask the question, who’s done their JSAs? Everyone’s hand goes up. Or even better, you don’t even have to ask the question. You just look at your calendar, and all your completed jobs, you know they’ve got their JSAs done.  


You know when it’s Sunday night, you’re sitting down. You’ve got a dozen quotes to do. You’ve got a dozen invoices to get out.

You’re thinking I’d be rather having a roast chicken or a roast lamb or a roast turkey for dinner right now rather than plowing through this work. My partner, they’re not so happy with me. My kids want to play with me, and here I am plowing through quotes and invoices – there’s just better things I could be doing with my life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if an hour after a job’s done, the office have got all the information from the field, they’ve put the invoice together, they’ve flicked it out to the customer.

End of the day, every invoice is done. Same day.

  • That means your cash flow improves (when invoices are done sooner)
  • Life just gets so much better (more time back in your day/week)
  • Time to work on your business – not in it

There’s a whole theory behind it from a process point of view, and I won’t get into that right now (you can review some of our other blogs…..).

Simplicity makes business better – free’s you up to live life and not be a slave to your business.

Now, lucky for you we have all they key elements in our Job/Scheduling software.

We actually believe there are 5 processes that HVAC companies need to master….Check out our short eBook on the 5 Processes every HVAC business need (include the other two missing from above…).

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