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Scheduleflow is now FieldInsight

Same people, same great product just a new name


We have changed our brand name across to FieldInsight (previously Scheduleflow).  

Why you may ask? We have a global customer base and wanted a global trademark, but we had a conflict with a US company which had a similar name, and didn’t want to play nice, so we have the Scheduleflow trademark in Australia but not Internationally. So to simplify our World Domination plans :) We have chosen FieldInsight as our primary brand

We have chosen a brand name that provides a clear/consistent message for Field Service Businesses who are looking to streamline their processes through our Scheduling and Job Management software solution.

Our Mission is to deliver a seamless end to end HVAC software solution and support businesses by:

  • Meeting the needs of Scheduling anything from simple jobs to complex projects
  • Keeping the team in the field accountable
  • Ensure quoting is done right
  • Getting your Invoices out quickly and getting paid for your work faster (increasing cashflow)
  • Track your customer assets for anything from bigger mechanical services projects to ad-hoc emergency breakdown and annual servicing requests
  • Project management 
  • Retention reporting through the project lifecycle

We are a one stop shop for all small and medium sized HVAC companies looking for a fit for purpose software and mobile solution for their teams. We want our customer’s to love our software and our service, as much as we love providing a great solution that makes them profitable.


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