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Safe Work Method Statement and procedures dragging productivity down?

Posted by Natasha Tyrrell on 23/11/17 20:52

Safe Work Method Statement or Job Safety Analysis standards change all the time and someone is always trying to sell you the latest template that will make you compliant.....but the problem is 'they dont understand your field service business' and it doesnt integrate with your job scheduling software.

How are you going to fully automate and optimise your team in the field when you have to manage SWMS separately?


There are many hurdles in managing your business to relevant safety standards, the last thing you want is to breach and have a Workplace inspector at your site or worse one of your staff was injured because a small step wasn't completed.

Ensuring that your SWMS or JSA becomes an integrated part of your Job Play Book is critical to ensuring nothing gets missed, the Technician has to tick all the mandatory boxes on the job before they proceed.  If you use an Online Job or Schedule management solution, having to manage SMWS/JSA separately is costing you productivity on the job (filling out separate forms) and even more in adminstation time (hours) compiling and filing.

Another aspect is the reporting of SWMS or JSA obligations.  Both the customer and you need to have the same document and it be logged firmly against the customer and job record (no fishing around in a filing cabinet, searching an archived folder on your computer or WORSE sending off for an achive box in a  warehouse)...you need full traceability if it is ever required and it can be recalled during an audit.

Wouldnt it also be nice if you can manage the workflow and updates to the JSA when standards/requirements change...no more chasing that template company to buy the latest template!  You want full control over the workflow, mandatory steps and outcomes that suit your business (HVAC, Concrete pumping, Electrical, Plumbing, Pest Control, Building Project Management to name a few).

Here at FieldInsight, we have spent a lot of time listening and working with our tradies to truly understand SMWS and JSA for the HVAC software industry and to integrate this with our core solution and workflow.

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