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FieldInsight software now Supports Customer Booking Requests for a call back

Posted by Natasha Tyrrell on 04/12/17 11:52

Below is the overview of our new workflow that supports customers requesting a call back to book in a job/appointment. 

This is a step towards allowing customers to view a calendar and make a booking - working towards this early 2018.

 Customer Self-Job Booking form

Scheduleflow has developed an embedded form allowing your clients to book their own jobs/appointments.

You can use the URL in ‘Your portal’ box of Settings-> Business page to invoke the job booking form.



Set-up for your Customers

If you have your own website, you can tell website developer to put ‘Your portal’ box URL in source code so that Scheduleflow job booking form appears as embedded form on appropriate page(s) of your website.

Jobs booked by your clients using this embedded form will appear directly on Scheduleflow calendar as an unscheduled job, which can then be assigned to appropriate technician by the Scheduler.

This booking form is armed with the capability to send a job to appropriate Franchisee with matching Suburb & Job Type. If Suburb & Job Type does not match any Franchisee, the job is sent to the main account where they can be handled by the Scheduler and a call-back to the Customer.

 Customers needing to Book Jobs for a confirmation?   Book 30 mins with an Expert who can take you through how FieldInsight does it

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