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What Your Apprentice Can Teach You About Technology

Posted by admin on 28/05/12 21:56

If your field service business utilizes trade apprentices, chances are you've found that many of them are well-acquainted with the world of technology.

While you're busy teaching your aspiring electrician or HVAC repair worker the tools of your trade, your apprentice may be full of great ideas for improving operations.

If you choose, they can help you find ways to improve your business that you might have never considered - be Open.

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Addressing Online Security Issues for Businesses

Posted by admin on 27/05/12 09:24

As businesses head to the Cloud, concerns about security are bigger than ever. Most businesses are concerned about news reports of major security breaches at large corporations, some of which take entire corporate websites down. Concern over the security of customer data and the integrity of online presence has many companies researching how they can protect themselves.  These concerns can prevent businesses from making the move to the Cloud.

Below are a few of the most important things your field service business needs to know in order to protect your business and your customers.

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Benefits of Wireless Technology in the Field Service Industry

Posted by admin on 26/05/12 08:11

The world is changing and successful businesses will change with it. As the field service industry realizes the benefits of wireless technology in dispatching and tracking jobs, businesses that don't use wireless technology are being left behind.

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Dispatch Software for Field Services and Electricians

Posted by admin on 25/05/12 04:06

As a business owner over a team of electricians, I often find there isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I normally do. I am not only the dispatcher, manager, and salesperson, but I spend quite a bit of time in the field working jobs myself.

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Customize Your Field Service and Dispatch Software

Posted by admin on 14/05/12 00:08

As provider of scheduling and job dispatching software for field service businesses, Scheduleflow knows each business has its own unique needs. One-size-fits-all software solutions may work in other industries, but Scheduleflow works with plumbers, electricians, HVAC businesses, computer support services and many others. Just as plumbing businesses differ from computer services businesses, one plumbing company may not have the same needs as another.

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Tax Safe Plan Allows Electricians to Enjoy Short-Term Tax Relief

Posted by admin on 13/05/12 01:02

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is offering electricians a limited time opportunity to pay any past due taxes with reduced penalties, the department announced. The reduced rate, available to anyone who installs, services, and tests electrical systems, drops penalties to only 10-20 per cent. This is a drastic drop from the 100 per cent penalties normally charged.

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A Warning for Your Customers About Solar Hot Water Heaters

Posted by admin on 11/05/12 23:25

As an owner of a plumbing company, you likely deal with multiple installations over the days, weeks, months, and years. Your team completes an installation or service call and moves on to the next job, never looking back. But occasionally, you learn that a product you've installed has been deemed problematic.

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The Importance of Safety in Your HVAC and Plumbing Service Business

Posted by admin on 11/05/12 00:33

For any business that employs commercial drivers, safety is a hot button issue.

Deadlines can sometimes pressure business owners to cut corners that put drivers at risk. No matter what your business, safety should come first for you and all your employees, but this is especially true if your employees regularly haul hazardous materials in company vehicles.

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Dispatch the Easy Way

Posted by admin on 09/05/12 04:20

Your field services business runs like a finely honed machine. Calls come in and a dispatcher schedules appointments. Or maybe you schedule them yourself. The appropriate team member takes the appointment, fixes the problem, and the customer is billed.

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How to Record an Effective Answering Message for Your Field Services Business

Posted by admin on 08/05/12 06:13

As your field services business grows, you'll likely have more phone calls coming into your business. Unless you have someone answering 24 hours a day or contract with an answering service, this means your calls will sometimes go to voicemail. Since your outgoing message will become the first impression you make on potential customers, it's extremely important you make this task a top priority. Here are a few tips for putting your best voice forward on your business's outgoing message.

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