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How GPS has Changed the Field Services Industry

Posted by admin on 26/06/12 18:39

At one time, in order to work in the field services industry, a worker needed to add to his list of required skills the ability to read a map. Many workers carried a street map of the entire city and spent hours learning it. Field services businesses might give a worker a certain route, allowing him to get to know it by heart, but if that route ever changed, the maps had to come out again.

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How Will the iPhone 5's New Maps Help your Field Services Business

Posted by admin on 25/06/12 18:38

The recent announcement that Apple was dropping Google Maps from its next iPhone model was welcome news to field service workers, who have long known the limitations of the iPhone's navigation capabilities.

While Google Maps is great software, the iPhone was limited to only the screen version, with turn-by-turn navigation not included.

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Stay Connected In Field

Posted by admin on 24/06/12 20:16

Stay Connected to your Team in the Field

Forty years ago, when a field service worker left the office for a day of work, he often was unreachable for the rest of the day. In today's technology-addicted world, you can usually reach your employee by cell phone no matter where he or she is.

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Maps and Field Services Software

Posted by admin on 23/06/12 18:42

Field service software can help automate your business's administrative functions, saving you time that you can put toward other activities.

In addition to replacing those administrative duties, field services software can also help by providing GPS mapping and GPS tracking capabilities that help you find the best route for your field service workers.

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Apprenticeships Work Best When They Are Win-Win

Posted by admin on 04/06/12 19:11

If you're considering hiring an apprentice, you likely already know what an apprentice can bring to your organization.

But have you thought through how your apprentice benefits from your teachings? The best apprenticeships allow both the business owner and the apprentice to thrive. Here are a few tips to maximize the apprenticeship experience in order to create a win-win situation.

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Trials and Tribulations of Being an Apprentice

Posted by admin on 03/06/12 22:53

Apprentices are young, enthusiastic workers, eager to soak everything in to prepare for a long, successful career.

But being an apprenticeship isn't without its pitfalls. Before you begin searching for an apprenticeship, here are a few of the trials and tribulations you may encounter, as well as suggestions on how to combat them.

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What Should a Company Offer an Apprentice?

Posted by admin on 01/06/12 19:11

Young, enthusiastic workers are the lifeblood of the service industry. They are not only eager to impress their employers as they begin what will hopefully be a long, fruitful career, but they have the acute mental sharpness that comes with youth.

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New Technology is Second Nature to Apprentices

Posted by admin on 31/05/12 18:52

Technology is something of a recent invention. Think about it. As recently as fifty years ago, the workplace environment was drastically different. Workers used typewriters instead of computers and if you walked away from your desk, nobody would be able to reach you. The workers of the typewriter generation grew into the technology we knew today gradually, as one by one processes were replaced by computer-based alternatives.

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Five Biggest Mistakes Apprentices Make When They Start a Job

Posted by admin on 30/05/12 20:08

 An apprentice has two major goals when beginning an apprenticeship:

1) to learn everything possible about the trade and

2) to impress his or her employers.

A combination of both can result in a great career opportunity once the apprenticeship is complete.

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Use Technology to Find the Best Apprenticeship

Posted by admin on 29/05/12 23:09

No matter what trade you're learning, serving an apprenticeship gives you a chance to get experience in your chosen career field.

While you may enter the apprenticeship knowing you're meeting an educational or minumum experience requirement/qualification, you'll later find that the apprenticeship gave you experience that makes a huge difference in landing that first job that will launch your career.

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