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A Story of True Love, And Missed Connections

Posted by admin on 16/08/13 06:57

“What time am I available next Thursday? Um, let me check.”

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Time Scheduling Software for Small Business

Posted by admin on 02/08/13 22:01
Time Scheduling Software for Small Business
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Adding a URL bookmark to your home page for Android/Apple

Posted by admin on 18/07/13 14:33

To add a home page icon to your mobile devices screen.

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Appointment Scheduling Across Multiple Timezones

Posted by admin on 28/06/13 17:13

Sales is a tough business. On the one hand it’s all about relationships, and you can make real friends while out there on the front lines making a living. Some of those relationships can be incredibly profitable both professionally and personally, and that’s a thrill. On the other hand it’s also a business of constant maintenance of those relationships and constant work to go bigger and better. And sometimes the hardest part is just making that initial contact.

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Time Scheduling Software using Timesheet App

Posted by admin on 21/06/13 07:08

Here’s a story about a shadowy figure you’ve probably encountered at some point in your business life, albeit perhaps unknowingly, and how they were exorcised by a simple application of what’s known as time scheduling software. This shadowy figure you’ve almost certainly known at some point is what’s known as the Ghost Employee.

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Employee Scheduling Software

Posted by admin on 12/04/13 11:59

Schedule your employees with Scheduleflow software

When one of Bob’s crews went missing for four hours, only to call in and announce they were lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, he knew it was time to take control of his workforce.

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Scheduleflow Major Release - Multi Driver

Posted by admin on 06/11/12 09:55


Multi Driver Feature

Please find our latest release of Scheduleflow, we have worked hard on something which may appear simple, but was a little tricky under the covers. Happily we now support multi driver for a job, with really clear technician availability validation when creating or editing a new job.

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How to Release a Locksmith Website in One Week

Posted by admin on 31/08/12 17:57

Building a business website can seem a daunting task, especially if you aren't familiar with programming or web design. But thanks to the many web tools that are available, you can not only have a website designed and delivered to the public in just a matter of days, you can do it for less than $800. Here is a step-by-step guide to designing and deploying a website for your locksmith business on a budget.

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Three Ways to Annoy your Locksmith

Posted by admin on 19/08/12 19:03

Service businesses are rife with aggravations, especially since the nature of the work is so transient. Most customers provide only one-time business, since customers usually don't lock themselves out of their homes or cars on a regular basis.

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How to Write Copy for Your Site

Posted by admin on 14/08/12 18:41

What do you notice when you first visit a site? The graphics? The banner? The photographs? Probably all of the above. But once you've gotten past the initial impression, what keeps you from leaving the page? Well-written copy.

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